Today Marks the First Day of Severe Weather Awareness Week 2021

Images and information from NWS Birmingham.

Knowledge is power, a power that could SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!

The week of February 21st-27th has been declared Severe Weather Awareness Week by Governor Kay Ivey. NWS Birmingham, Alabama EMA, and other supporting organizations are asking for help to provide the public with severe weather safety information, and I will be sharing information to help. I’ll have special infographics to go along with each severe weather safety post that is made throughout the week. Governor Ivey has also declared the weekend of February 26th-28th as an Alabama sales tax holiday for severe weather preparedness items.

There are many aspects to being prepared for severe weather, but first and foremost, KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!! No matter what you have in your severe weather plan, it will never be complete until you can pinpoint your location on a map. Take a few moments NOW to learn some local geography, so you can be more prepared when severe weather strikes. Don’t just stop at your home location, learn surrounding counties and communities. This extra bit of knowledge will help you determine if storms in other areas are heading your way. To help you with this, NWS Birmingham has put together a Story Map that highlights some information about each of the 39 counties in Central Alabama. It can be found here.

Resiliency is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Here in Alabama, we find ourselves at the unique intersection of risk and vulnerability that makes us more subject to major effects from high impact weather events. Severe weather is inevitable in this state, and we also have a large manufactured home population. The more dispersed nature of these manufactured homes makes them 4 times more likely to be struck by a tornado than those in Kansas! The ultimate goal is to make Alabama more resilient when it comes to severe weather. So, how do we do this? Well, the answer isn’t simple, and it will take some time, but together we can do it. Please visit the Resiliency & Manufactured Homes section of the NWS Birmingham Severe Weather Awareness Week page for graphics and more information.

Here are the general topics that will be covered each day of the week:
Monday, Feb. 22: Severe Thunderstorms
Tuesday, Feb. 23: Flooding & Flash Flooding
Wednesday, Feb. 24: Tornadoes
Thursday, Feb. 25: Lightning
Friday, Feb. 26: Receiving Weather Alerts
Saturday, Feb. 27: Severe Weather Messaging

In Alabama, we do not conduct a statewide tornado drill. However, NWS Birmingham encourages everyone to conduct their own safety drill on Wednesday, Feb 24th. This “tornado safety drill” will be accomplished in conjunction with our weekly NOAA All-Hazards Radio Test that will be run at a special time of 9 am. An actual tornado warning WILL NOT sound, but this is an excellent opportunity for schools, civic organizations and businesses around Central Alabama to practice what they would do in the event of a tornado warning.

Please note that some NOAA Weather Radio models do not have an audible sound for the Routine Weekly Test (they only show a flashing light). If you are conducting a drill, please go ahead and conduct the drill even if your weather radio does not audibly alert.

At the end of the week, the state of Alabama will hold a sales tax holiday for severe weather preparedness items. Don’t miss this great opportunity to purchase any items you may be missing from your emergency kit. Below is a list of tax-exempt items. You can find out if your city/town is participating by clicking here.

Please continue to check back on my blog or my Facebook page each day this week for a new severe weather topic.

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