No Icing Issues for Now, Small Potential for Northwestern Portions of North/Central Alabama Later Tonight

Radar check as of 8:30 pm shows very little activity across North/Central Alabama as nearly everyone is dry at this point of the evening with some showers falling over the extreme southeastern parts of Central Alabama. More shower activity is expected to form and move across a greater portion of the area later tonight and through the overnight hours.

Temperatures across North/Central Alabama are ranging from the lower 30s to the upper 50s from north to south. Haleyville, Cullman, and Decatur are the cold spots below freezing at 30 degrees. Eufaula was well above freezing at 57 degrees. Birmingham was at 37 degrees.

We do have a very small chance of some freezing rain for the northwestern portions of North Alabama and potentially into the extreme northwestern parts of Central Alabama for tonight through the pre-dawn hours on Saturday morning. If we do see some freezing rain, accumulations will be small with a light glaze possible on colder surfaces, bridges, and overpasses. Some brief travel impacts may be possible if accumulations do occur.

The latest run of the HRRR does show the potential for some freezing rain in those portions of the area mentioned earlier mainly starting around or just after 10:00 pm and continuing through sunrise. It looks like the potential will be there north of a line from Sulligent to Addison to Huntsville. Overnight lows are expected to drop into the

Remember that freezing rain is liquid rain that falls on a surface that is at or below the freezing point and freezes on contact. Freezing rain is caused by rain falling through a significant layer of warmer air above the surface and eventually into a shallow layer of cold air right at the surface.

We’ll keep you posted through the night.

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