Marco Getting Closer to the Gulf Coast at Midday, A Few Showers Out There


The latest visible satellite image as of 12:12 pm show that the center of Marco was located just offshore of the southeastern coast of Louisiana and nearly due south of the Alabama/Mississippi state line. We have clouds from Marco covering nearly the entire state at this time, and under those clouds we some light showers over the southern parts of Central Alabama with heavier activity encroaching into the extreme southeastern parts of the area. We also have some scattered light showers over the extreme northwestern parts of Central Alabama and up into North Alabama.

Temperatures across Central Alabama were in the lower to mid-80s at this time. Tuscaloosa was the warm spot at 86 degrees while four locations were tied at 80 degrees as the cool spots. Birmingham was sitting at 81 degrees.


As Marco moves closer to the shoreline of the Gulf Coast, we’ll see an increase of tropical showers and thunderstorms over the southern half of Central Alabama while the rest of the area will have a chance of scattered showers and storms. We should see no severe weather issues with Marco as those will be confined to the Gulf Coast and portions of extreme South Alabama. Skies will be mostly cloudy with highs reaching the mid to upper 80s from south to north above I-20 and lower to mid-80s from south to north below I-20.

While overall rain chances will shrink a little for the late night and overnight hours, we’ll continue to have a risk for scattered showers and storms across the area. The higher coverage of those showers and storms will be over the southern-third of the area. Once again, no major issues are expected from Marco. Lows will be in the lower to mid-70s.

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