Very Warm & Dry as We Head Toward the Midday Hour

As of 10:25 am, we have a clean sweep on the radar, and skies across Central Alabama are mostly sunny with only a few stray clouds out there. Temperatures are already up in the 80s across the area… from as cool as 84 degrees in Haleyville, Gadsden, and Demopolis, to as warm as 88 degrees in Anniston, Auburn, Montgomery, and Troy. Birmingham can be added as one of the warmest spots at 88 degrees.

With the heating of the day, we can expect some isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms to form and persist through the afternoon and early evening hours. Not everyone will see rain and rain chances will range from 30% in the northwest to as high as 50% in the southeast. The bad news is that the higher humidity levels will make the heat index max out in the 98-102 degree range this afternoon, while highs will reach the lower to mid-90s. Any shower and thunderstorm activity that forms will diminish rather quickly after the sun goes down and we should be dry through the late night and overnight hours. Overnight lows will be in the lower to mid-70s.

Much of the same story for the Fourth of July as it will be hot and very humid with scattered showers and thunderstorms becoming possible mainly during the afternoon and early evening hours. Not everyone will see storms and the good news is that much of the activity will have dissipated by the time it gets fully dark and it is time for the big fireworks shows. Heat indices will once again be approaching the century mark and exceeding it in some locations as afternoon highs will top out in the upper 80s to the mid-90s.

I just want to quickly send a shoutout to my oldest daughter who has officially left childhood and has transitioned into a young adult today. Happy 18th birthday Charlotte!!!

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