Isolated Damaging Wind Gusts Possible in East & Southeastern Parts of the Area for the Next Few Hours

Strong to potentially severe storms may be possible over the extreme east and southeastern parts of Central Alabama over the next few hours as an outflow boundary will be moving through those locations and new thunderstorm development capable of isolated damaging downdrafts. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is not needed at this point due to the isolated nature of the threat.

Here is the latest Mesoscale Discussion from the Storm Prediction Center:

SUMMARY…Isolated strong downbursts are possible across portions of east-central AL and western GA over the next several hours. Isolated and marginal nature of the severe risk is expected to preclude watch issuance.

DISCUSSION…Regional radar imagery shows band of showers and thunderstorms from about 35 miles northwest of AUO (in east-central AL) arcing through far southwest GA and then back into the central FL Panhandle. Radar signatures and recent surface observations do not suggest this is an organized convective line but do show the presence of outflow strong enough to continue pushing northeastward/north-northeastward into more of western GA. AUO recently reported a 36 kt gust while another site LSF along the central AL/GA border reported 33 kt.

New storm development is anticipated along this outflow as it continues northeastward. The downstream air mass is warm and moist with sufficient instability to support updrafts strong enough to produce enough water-loading for strong downdrafts as the storms collapse. Isolated and marginal nature of the severe risk will likely preclude watch issuance.

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