A Quick Check on Our Weather Just After 3:00 pm

At 3:01 pm, we have some strong storms moving through the eastern half of Central Alabama this is putting down some heavier amounts of rain in a very short period of time, along with gusty winds up to 40 MPH, and copious amounts of dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning. Cells are generally moving to the north at 20-25 MPH.

With the heating of the day, we have plenty of instability in the area, as high as 2000 J/kg in the central parts of the area, and approaching 2500 J/kg along and just east of the Mississippi state line. The good news is that we do not have any helicity or shear to be supportive of severe thunderstorms, but we do have downdraft instability values ranging from 500-1000 J/kg which means that there is the possibility of gusty downdraft winds from these thunderstorms.

HRRR projected radar animation from 4:00 pm today through 7:00 pm Monday.

A cold front is back to our west currently located over the Mississippi River and it will eventually move into the western parts of the area during the early morning hours on Monday. Ahead of that front, scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms will continue to be possible until the front passes your location. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the shower and thunderstorm activity won’t be completely out of the area until after 7:00 pm Monday night.

No severe weather is expected through the rest of tonight and throughout the day on Monday, even though a few of these storms may become strong with gusty winds potentially reaching up to 40-50 MPH. There will be plenty of lightning, so if you hear thunder, move indoors immediately. You are within range of being struck by lightning if you can hear thunder.

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