While No Threat to Central Alabama, a Little Preseason Tropical Mischief Likely This Weekend

While this latest satellite image of the western Atlantic Ocean doesn’t show anything at this point, we could have a subtropical depression form just north of the Bahamas by the end of the weekend. If this system is able to strengthen enough to become a subtropical storm, Arthur would be its name.

A broad low is expected to develop by the end of the workweek or into the beginning of the weekend close to the Bahamas just off to the north or northwest. Conditions look to be favorable for development and we could have a subtropical depression form before the weekend is over. At this point, it may bring some rough seas to the east coast along with breezy conditions, but forecast models keep the center of the low well off of the coastline as it will be moving to the northeast.

The National Hurricane Center is giving this low a 70% chance of developing into at least a subtropical depression.

While a busy Atlantic Hurricane Season has been projected by Colorado State University, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will be releasing its seasonal outlook on May 21st.

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale
Cat. 1 … 74-95 MPH
Cat. 2 … 96-110 MPH
Cat. 3 … 111-129 MPH
Cat. 4 … 130-156 MPH
Cat. 5 … 157 MPH & Higher

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