Cloudy, Cool, & Some Showers Out There At Midday

As of 12:20 pm, much of Central Alabama was rain free with the exception of the extreme southern and southwestern parts of the area. The shower activity over those parts of the area was either light or drizzle. Clouds continue to cover the rest of the area, but some clearing is occurring over the extreme northwestern parts of the state.

Temperatures across the area as of the 12:00 pm Roundup were ranging from the lower 40s in the northwest to the lower 60s in the southeast. Haleyville was the cold spot at 43 degrees while Troy was the warm spot at 62 degrees. Birmingham was sitting at 51 degrees.

Unfortunately, with the cold front still close by to the south of us, we’ll continue to have a good bit of cloud cover across the area throughout the day and a chance of showers over the southern parts of the area. Rain chances will begin to increase across the area from southwest to northeast during the evening and late-night hours, with showers being likely through the overnight hours. Highs will range from the lower 50s in the northwest to the upper 60s in the southeast. Lows will range from the upper 30s to the lower 50s across the area.

Rain will continue to be likely throughout the morning hours on Thursday, but rain chances will start to decrease from northwest to southeast during the afternoon and into the evening hours. Much, if not all, of the activity, should be out of the southern parts of Central Alabama by the late-night hours and we’ll finally have time to dry out for a couple of days. Highs will range from the mid-40s to the lower 50s from northwest to southeast.

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