High Risk Of Flash Flooding Through Tuesday Morning

The NWS Weather Prediction Center has issued a High Risk for flash flooding over much of North/Central Alabama with a Moderate Risk for the rest of the area.

Rainfall totals over the next 18 hours or so will make flooding issues likely over much of the northern half of Alabama and into the central parts of Mississippi. Some flooding issues is possible over the rest of North/Central Alabama.

As of 11:10 am, much of the rainfall continues to occur along and north of the I-20/59 and I-20 corridors. The heaviest cells are currently over portions of Sumter and Tuscaloosa counties. If the rainfall continues to stay heavy over those locations, a flash flood warning may be issued within the next hour or so. Another heavier cell is located over portions of Winston County. The rest of the rainfall is light to moderate at this point.

If you live along a river, creek, or stream, or in a flood-prone area, pay close attention to the warnings, advisories, and statements put out by the National Weather Service.

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