A Brief Check On Our Weather Situation At 1:20 PM

Other than a few sprinkles over the southeastern parts of the area, all of Central Alabama remains dry as of 1:20 pm. Much of the actions continue to our west and southwest where several tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings are issued.

Temperatures were in the 70s for much of the area, while a few locations were still hanging on to those 60s. Auburn and Troy were tied at 64 degrees as the cool spots while Tuscaloosa and Demopolis were tied as the warm spots at 75 degrees. Birmingham was at 72 degrees.

At this point, nothing has changed with what to expect across Central Alabama throughout the rest of today and into the morning hours on Tuesday. All parameters continue to show that we will have the potential for tornadoes, damaging straight-line thunderstorm wind gusts up to 70 MPH, and golf ball size hail.

We may see a couple of supercells that form out ahead of the main broken line of storms that will move into the northwestern parts of the area starting around 4:00 pm. If those can form without being disturbed by any other storms, there is the potential for those to spin up and drop a tornado. We could even see a stronger tornado over the locations defined in the Enhanced Risk for severe storms.

The atmosphere will continue to destabilize throughout the day as more moisture continues to be pulled up into North/Central Alabama, especially with temperatures already up into the 70s. Dewpoints will continue to rise and should make it into the mid to upper 60s.

Timing for stronger to severe storms should start around 4:00 pm in the western and northwestern parts of the area, moving into the central parts of the area by 7:00 pm, and moving into the east and southeastern parts of the area by 11:00 pm. All severe weather should be completely out of the area by 7:00 am on Tuesday morning.

Continue to stay weather aware throughout the day and when the event starts this afternoon. Also, have multiple ways of receiving warnings. Go ahead and activate those WEA alerts on your smartphone if you have them turned off. Be smart and be prepared. Have those safety kits and your safe place ready to go just in case a warning is issued for your location.

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