Showers On The Increase In The Southern Half Of Central Alabama At Midday

Spotty showers have already started to dot the radar at 12:00 pm across the southern half of Central Alabama while the edge of the clouds has now advanced north of the I-20 corridor. Unfortunately, clouds and rain chances will be on the increase as we get later into the day as showers will move up from the south. Rain will become likely over the southeastern parts of the area before sunset while there will be a chance of showers as far west as Demopolis and Tuscaloosa and as far north as Morris and Gadsden. Highs look to top out in the 50s across the area.

Rain chances will continue to increase across the area from southeast to northwest during the evening through the overnight hours and all of the area will see a chance of showers. Rain will be likely along and south of a line from Demopolis to Montevallo to Gadsden and a few claps of thunder may be heard in those parts. Lows will get down into the lower to mid-40s.

No improvement on Friday as showers and a few thunderstorms will be likely at times throughout the day. It doesn’t look like it will be a full day of rain, but you can expect it at any time throughout the daylight and into the evening hours. Nearly all of the activity will be out of the area by midnight, with a small possibility of a lingering shower or two may be possible through the overnight hours. Highs will once again be in the 50s.

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