A Quick Look At What To Expect Across Central Alabama

The last bit of shower activity is pushing out of the southeastern corner of Central Alabama as of 8:50 am this morning which will leave much of the area with sunny skies throughout a good bit of the day.

Locations west of a line from Montgomery to Anniston are already enjoying nearly maximum sunshine to help melt any icy spots that may have formed before sunrise this morning, while along and east of that line still have clouds to deal with. At the rate that the clouds are moving, we’ll probably have mainly clear skies for everyone across the area probably around 11:00 am.

Temperatures are in the lower 30s to the lower 40s across the area. The cold spots are Gadsden, Pell City, and Cullman at 32 degrees. The warm spot was Troy at 43 degrees. Birmingham was at 36 degrees.

As I said earlier, those clouds will clear out of here within the next couple of hours and we’ll be left with near-total sunshine for the daylight hours. While it will remain cool, temperatures will rebound nicely reaching the upper 40s to the mid-50s for afternoon highs across the area from northwest to southeast. We’ll get back to cold temperatures for the overnight lows, but not quite as cold as this morning. Skies will be clear and lows will drop into the lower 30s to the lower 40s across the area.

I know I haven’t made a post to clarify what parts of the state that I call “Central Alabama,” but hopefully this will help out. I go by the county warning areas of the local National Weather Service forecast offices for the state. As you can see with the image, Central Alabama is the counties in green stretching from Hamilton and Gadsden down to Demopolis, Troy, and Eufaula. There is one exception that I make and that is I will cover Cullman County as it sticks down into the Central Alabama county warning area and I have family that lives there.

I’ll be back around noon for the midday update. Have a great morning.

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