Tornado Threat Continues In SW Alabama, But Diminishing Enough To Allow Watch To Expire

The latest from the Storm Prediction Center:

The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 684 continues.

An isolated tornado threat will continue across parts of southern Mississippi and southwestern Alabama over the next couple of hours. However, the threat should become marginal enough to let Tornado Watch 684 expire at 9:00 pm. A local extension in area and time may be needed to cover areas that continue to have a tornado threat after 9:00 pm.

The latest radar imagery shows a band of thunderstorms from far southern Mississippi extending northeastward into western Alabama. Several discrete cells are still ongoing along the eastern edge of the rain band across the northern part of WW 684. These cells are located along the northern edge of the stronger instability. In addition, the Mobile WSR-88D VWP shows some directional shear in the lowest 1 km AGL with 0-1 km shear near 30 kt. This should be enough to continue an isolated tornado threat this evening. However, the discrete cells currently about 50 statute miles to the north of Mobile, should continue to move northward away from the stronger instability late this evening. For this reason, the tornado threat is expected to become more marginal with time and the tornado watch will be allowed to expire at 02Z. The tornado threat may redevelop later tonight as additional discrete cells approach the coast associated with Tropical Storm Olga.

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