Above Normal Highs Today… Don’t Fret… Cooler Weather Is On Its Way

While afternoon highs are still warm for this time in early October, we are running warmer than normal for most spots across Central Alabama. Anniston was the only spot that stayed below normal today due to cloud cover.

Anniston … 77 degrees
Birmingham … 85 degrees
Montgomery … 88 degrees
Shelby Co. Airport … 84 degrees
Troy … 88 degrees
Tuscaloosa … 90 degrees

Anniston … 79 degrees
Birmingham … 77 degrees
Montgomery … 80 degrees
Shelby Co. Airport … 77 degrees
Troy … 80 degrees
Tuscaloosa … 79 degrees

If you are still waiting for cool mornings and mild afternoons that we usually see in the beginning of fall, just wait until after the cold front passes early on Saturday. Afternoon highs on Saturday will be in the mid-60s to the lower 80s across Central Alabama from northwest to southeast.

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