Look For More Record Highs To Be Broken Today & On Thursday

While Tuesday was another record-setting day across North and Central Alabama as far as those high temperatures, your Wednesday looks to be as hot, if not hotter, as more records are expected to fall. There is a very small possibility that there may be one or two isolated showers form over the extreme southern portions of Central Alabama later this afternoon, but nearly everyone will stay dry today.

via Giphy

Here is the list of records broken on Tuesday…

Anniston 98º (93º in 1954)
Birmingham 99º (94º in 1919)
Huntsville 99º (95º in 1926)
Montgomery 101º (95º in 1954)
Tuscaloosa 100º (95º in 1954)

Here are the forecast highs for your “Hump Day”…

Anniston 97º (93º in 1954)
Birmingham 100º (93º in 1904, 1897)
Huntsville 98º (94º in 1910, 1926)
Montgomery 100º (95º in 1904)
Tuscaloosa 101º (95º in 1954)

And just in case you were wondering about Thursday’s highs…

Anniston 98º (92º in 1959)
Birmingham 99º (93º in 1911)
Huntsville 98º (94º in 1911)
Montgomery 98º (94º in 1959)
Tuscaloosa 99º (95º in 1954)

The good news is that by the weekend and into next week, we will have some decent rain chances thrown into the mix along with cooler temperatures. If this run of the GFS pans out, we will say goodbye to the 90s once Saturday has passed as highs look to be in the 70s and 80s through mid-month. I’ll take that.

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