Stronger Storms Across The Southern Half Of Central Alabama

At 1:17 pm, there is a good bit of scattered shower and thunderstorm activity over the southern parts of the area especially south of the I-59/20 corridor. A few of these features very heavy rainfall, dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning, and gusty winds up to and over 40 MPH. All of these cells are moving very slowly to the southeast at around 5 MPH. Follow my Twitter feed for the latest on any Significant Weather Advisories and warnings that may be issued this afternoon.

Don’t let your guard down on any of these storms. As we have seen over the past couple of days, collapsing thunderstorms will cause gusty winds that may lead to some tree and structure damage as we saw in Morris and Gardendale.

Also, when thunder roars, go indoors. Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from the parent thunderstorm. If you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.

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