Big Storms Causing Some Flooding Issues Before 10:00 AM

In the eastern parts of the area, a large complex of thunderstorms is dumping copious amounts of rain over the cities of Anniston, Saks, Oxford, Alexandria, and points nearby. Rainfall rates with these storms have been as high as 4.00 inches per hour, so we’ll really need to watch for any ponding or flash flooding issues in poor drainage and urban areas over the next hour or so. Unfortunately, these storms are barely moving at all. Also be aware of the dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning that is occurring.

This is not the only storm causing problems this morning…

We have another cluster of storms that have parked themselves over the top of Pike County with very heavy rain falling over the cities of Troy, Goshen, Banks, and points in-between. A Flood Advisory is already up for the vicinity and we’ll continue to see ponding and localized flash flooding in urban and poor drainage locations. There is a good bit of lightning occurring with this cluster as well, so please stay indoors until this either finally moves out of the area or dissipates.

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