A Few Spin-Up Tornadoes Possible On Saturday Afternoon Through Sunday Night

With a slight jog to the east in the forecast track of Tropical Storm Barry, this now puts nearly all of the western half of Central Alabama in a Marginal Risk for severe storms on Saturday afternoon through Sunday night with the main threat coming from the possibility of a few brief spin-up tornadoes.

That jog to the east has now also increased the projected rainfall totals across the area through 7:00 am on Tuesday morning. We’ll have periods of showers and thunderstorms throughout Friday and the weekend with rainfall totals reaching 1.00-2.00 inches east of the I-65 corridor and 2.00-4.00 inches west of I-65.

While widespread flooding is not expected at this time, but we could see some localized flash flooding in urban and other poor drainage areas.

All of this is based on the current forecast track. If the track shifts more to the east, you can expect more rain and a risk of spin-up tornadoes across all of the area. If it shifts more to the west, rain totals will be less and it’s possible that there would be no tornado threat. I’ll keep you posted with any changes.

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