Its Cold At Midday, And Only Going To Get Colder

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.48.03 PM.pngBrrr! A Cold Midday Across Central Alabama
At the 1:00 PM hour, skies are mostly cloudy across most of Central Alabama, with a few breaks in the clouds allowing some sun to reach the surface. Unfortunately, that sunshine is not helping much at all in providing relief from the colder temperatures that have already moved in to the area. And with winds out of the north at 15-25 MPH, it makes it feel even colder.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-12-49-32-pmTemperatures at the 1 o’clock hour across the state are currently in the 30s and 40s for the northern 2/3rds of Central Alabama, with the southern 1/3rd in the 50s. The warm spot in the area at this point is Eufaula at 57 degrees, while the cold spot is Cullman at 37 degrees.

The rest of the afternoon will be mostly cloudy and windy, with afternoon highs in the 40s across much of the area with the exception of a few 50s in the southern parts of the area. Winds will start to slow for the evening hours but will still be in the 5-10 MPH range, and skies will start to clear out. Overnight lows will drop down into the 20s across the area, with the colder spots hitting the teens.

Birmingham’s Climatology And Records
The normal high for December 8th is 58, while the normal low is 37. The record high for today was set back in 1978 at 79. The record low was set back in 1917 at 16.

A Cold Friday Expected Across The Area
This will be a day you will need to break out the heavy Winter coats and gloves. With temperatures in the 20s for most at daybreak and with winds blowing at 5-10 MPH, wind chills will be in the teens across the area. Even though skies will feature sunshine to the max, temperatures will struggle to make it out of the 30s, with low to mid 40s expected across the area from north to south. A few spots in the northern parts of the area might stay in the upper 30s. Clear skies and cold temperatures can be expected for the evening and overnight areas, with the lows once again dropping into the low to mid 20s for most, with a few spots in the teens.

National Extremes
Opa Locka Florida, recorded the warmest high temperature for Wednesday at 87 degrees. The coldest low temperature for last night into the early morning hours today was recorded in Casper Wyoming at -33 degrees. Brrr, that’s nasty cold!!!

On This Day In 1988
Santa Ana winds buffeted Southern California, with gusts to 92 mph reported at Laguna Peak. The high winds unroofed buildings, and downed trees and power lines, igniting five major fires, and numerous smaller ones. Damage was estimated at 15 to 20 million dollars.

Beware Of The “Fake Weather” News
It is important to note there is no firm evidence here of any snow or ice problems for Alabama for the next 7 to 10 days. It is very easy to find dozens of “weather pages and forecast centers” across social media that will give you a snow forecast one to two weeks in advance ANYTIME in every winter season… that is how they get their likes, shares, and clicks. We giggle at the concern over “fake news” these days… we have been dealing with “fake weather” sites for a long time. Welcome to our world.

Forecaster: Scott Martin (Twitter: @scottmartinwx)

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