11/3: Record Highs Were Tied & Broken Today Across Central Alabama

Yes it was, quite indeed, another warm day across Central Alabama today, with four of the major cities in the area either tying or breaking record highs today.

Tied Record Highs for November 3rd

  • Birmingham 84 (ties 2003)
  • Tuscaloosa 86 (ties 2000)

New Records Set for November 3rd

  • Anniston 85 (old record: 84 in 2003)
  • Montgomery 89 (old record: 85 in 2012)

kbhm_2016110312_min_max_16The good news is that the trend in temperatures keep daytime highs nowhere near record highs through the next 15 days. The bad news is that we still will have to wait a while before our next best chance of rain.

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